Deeply Rooted Curriculum (Yearly)

$999.00 / year

Get 2-Months FREE when paying for a year. 3-Year Preteen Curriculum. A discovery-based biblical environment where questions are allowed and transformed preteens begin owning their own faith!

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Deeply Rooted is a three-year scope and sequence-based curriculum designed from the ground up specifically for preteens. As you know, kids in the 4th, 5th and 6th grades are going through massive changes. To reach them, we need to be intentional in meeting their needs. They want to ask questions, process doubt and work to find a faith of their own. 

In Deeply Rooted you will find that each lesson has over 3 hours of content to pick and choose from that will help as you work through discipleship with your preteens. In each lesson, you will find… 

• teacher prep

• large group

• small group 

• extended small group

• interactive activities

• games

• snacks

• video clips

• powerpoint slides

• and much more

…more content than many churches will need in each lesson. Enough that some churches use it for both their weekend and midweek. You gotta see this to believe it.